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FinnVK fume cupboard

Safety cabinet Class 1
The fume cupboard is used to protect the health of employees from dangerous gases and substances

Operating principle
Replacement air flows inwards from the work opening, preventing the passage of harmful substances into the room. Gases and vapours are removed at the rear from the bottom and top sections. The fume cupboard effectively protects employees even with a small amount of exhaust air (250 m3/hr/meter of cabinet width).

Operation and maintenance
The fume cupboard has been designed according to industry requirements, taking ease of operation and maintenance as well as comfort into account.

ESample characteristics:
• Tilted front wall (ergonomic posture)
• Gently moving laminated glass
• Easy to clean (smooth surfaces)
• Glare free lighting
Structure: Cupboards are manufactured entirely from stove-enamelled sheet steel.
If necessary, the material can be stainless or acid-resistant steel or plastic (PP).


  Equipment cabinet.

Protects electronics from heat, dust, and humidity.

This is a compressor cooled equipment cabinet that circulates air inside the cabinet to form an enclosed space. This ensures that heat, cold, dust, and humidity from the outside air cannot enter the cabinet. As the interior air of the cabinet cools, warm air is directed through the evaporator.
The air duct then guides the cooled air back to the cabinet interior.
The cabinet also has a heater for situations in which the cabinet interior is too cool. An adjustable thermostat controls both cooling and heating.

Cooling and heating capacities are defined according to need.
Cooling capacity from 850 W
Heating capacity from 250 W
The interior temperature of the cabinet is controlled by an electronic thermostat.
Inlets at the back of the cabinet, the IP ratings of which can be defined to suit its placement.

    Manner castors
    Fixed floor plinth
    The side wall of the equipment cabinet has a keyboard and mouse tray, and a monitor mount.
    Glass door, λ = 0.8 W/mK
    Pull-out shelves

    Material options stainless steel and powder-coated steel
    The wall element contains a 50-100 mm thick polyurethane insulating sheet, λ = 0.023 W/mK.
    Dimensions configurable separately
    Locked doors
    Adjustable feet



More than 25 years of experience

For more than 25 years, excellent cleaning results have ensured the reliability of Pesutekno products. Our advanced washing programmes offer solutions for a wide range of disinfecting and cleaning processes. Our products are suitable, for example for washing knives, metal gloves, protective aprons, barrels, moulds, trays, and greasy machine parts and accessories.

A reliable partner for innovative cleaning and disinfecting solutions

Pesutekno products ensure reliably excellent cleaning results. Our products are particularly suitable for the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. Our washing machines are internationally known for reliability and effectiveness. Some machines manufactured in the 1980s are still in operation. Our machines stand for robust industrial design. We use only the best available technology such as Mitsubishi and Siemens components. If necessary, we can modify our washing machines to meet your individual requirements.











































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